Before you arrive at one of our Jackson County Courthouse locations to update your Individual Personal Property (vehicle) account and/or to pay your taxes (or other Collection transaction); please consider doing your transaction through email.

When visiting in person you must check in first. You can text “jcmo kc” for the Kansas City Office or  “jcmo ind” for the Independence Office to 816-844-6672 to reserve your place in line.

You can also place yourself in the Kansas City line by clicking Kansas City Qless Kiosk or the Independence line by clicking Independence Qless Kiosk.

When we are experiencing a high volume of customers (property owners) in line you may be unable to put yourself in line using QLess.  If this is the case, you may still be able to join the line in-person by proceeding to one of the two Jackson County Courthouses. When you arrive at the Courthouse, please check in with the receptionist for the IPP Assessment/Collection staff on the first floor near the main entry doors and ask to be put in line.

Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM through 5PM. Our hours of operation do not change, even if you are currently unable to put yourself in line with QLess.

At all times, including outside of our regular office hours, you can email Individual Personal Property (vehicle) questions/requests to:


Check First! 
You will need the following documentation to conduct business with Jackson County Assessment: Required Documentation form (PDF)


The Jackson County Assessment Department in conjunction with Tyler Technologies will be completing a parcel by parcel review of all properties in Jackson County to be completed in time for the 2023 Reassessment. Learn more here. Representatives from the Assessment Department will be visible in your neighborhood. These individuals will have Jackson County identification and their vehicles will have Jackson County magnetic signs.

The purpose of the review is to update county information on all parcels. Staff will photograph and confirm exterior measurements. They will knock to alert owners of their presence. For those who are not home, a door hanger will be left on the door. We ask that you complete the information on the card and return the postage paid post card to the Assessment Department or complete the form online at
The website for the online process is on the door hanger.

Field work will begin in Lee’s Summit on February 1 and will last several weeks. Staff will wear masks and maintain social distance.

In addition to the staff collecting data for the 2023 assessment, staff have been out in the field since January collecting data on residential property for the 2021 assessment.

Please keep in mind that our field representatives do not set values, but only gather necessary property information such as exterior measurements, various code requirements and exterior photos. Collecting this information does not require the data collector to perform an interior inspection of the home.
If you have questions about this process, please contact the Assessment Department at 816-881-3530 or e-mail us at

COVID-19 Service Update

Effective May 18, 2020, Jackson County Assessment Department offices in the Jackson County Courthouse at 415 E. 12th Street in Kansas City and the Historic Truman Courthouse at 112 W. Lexington in Independence will be reopened to the public in a limited capacity. 

In an effort to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, public visitors to those buildings will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing of at least six feet, and public occupancy will be limited. 

Anyone wishing to contact or conduct business with the County is strongly encouraged to do so by phone, email, fax, or regular mail.

Assessment Department units can be reached as follows:

Individual Personal Property specifi: email or telephone 816-881-1330

Business Personal Property specific: email or telephone 816-881-4672

Real Property specific: email or telephone 816-881-3530


Assessment Department

The Assessment Department is primarily responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in Jackson County.

Within Jackson County, there are approximately 296,000 real property accounts; 310,000 individual personal property accounts and 25,000 business personal property accounts. All personal property accounts are reassessed annually through declaration forms, reviews and audits. Real property is reassessed every odd-numbered year —2019, 2021, etc.

The result of this process is to set the market value, and thus, the assessed valuation of property in Jackson County. Such assessed valuation and levies set by Jackson County and other taxing authorities, like cities and school districts, are used to calculate the property taxes that fund those taxing authorities. 

New Documentation

You will need the following documentation to conduct business with Jackson County Assessment: Required Documentation form (PDF)

Online Searches 

Assessment data is available for viewing via our Online Searches.  Some real estate sales data is also available online.

Title Company Searches

If you are searching for information in regard to a deed transaction based on a recent purchase/sale or based on a newly built home; please contact Assessment staff at 816-881-3530 so that we can most easily and quickly assist you in finding the most accurate and up-to-date information possible to complete your deed transaction timely and successfully.  

Real Property

Real property (more commonly referred to as real estate) includes residential property, commercial property and agricultural property.
Real Estate Mailing Address Change Form (PDF)

Personal Property

Personal property includes individual personal property and business personal property.

State Statute Dictates How Vehicle Values Are Assessed

In accordance with Missouri law, the Jackson County Assessment Department uses National Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA) guidelines to set market value and assess vehicle property values.
Individual Personal Property Mailing Address Change Form (PDF)
Individual Personal Property Location Address (Situs) Change Form (PDF)

Tax Exemption Deadline

The Jackson County Assessment Department no longer accepts any exemption application for any prior tax year. All exemption applications received will be considered for current and/or future tax years only. The deadline to file a 2020 exemption application has passed. The deadline to file all 2021 exemption applications is March 1, 2021. This includes all Real Property Exemptions and all Business Personal Property Exemptions.

If you have questions you may contact: Sherlyn Wallace, Exemptions Analyst or 816-881-3483.

(For Individual Personal Property tax waivers please call: 816-881-1330)

Natural Disaster

In the event of a Natural Disaster (weather-related, fire damage, etc.), some homeowners who have had their homes seriously damaged or destroyed may be eligible for a Removal of Residential Dwelling Value from Assessment of Real Estate for the tax year in which the damaged occurred only.

If a recent weather event or other disaster has damaged your home to the extent that it cannot currently be occupied, as a homeowner, you can petition to have the value of your home reduced or removed, beginning on the first day of the following month and until such time as the home can be safely reoccupied or the last day of that tax year, whichever comes first. Simply complete this FORM and return it to the address within.

To qualify for this assistance the home must be uninhabitable and/or completely destroyed. The program is not available to you if your home has been damaged but is still in livable condition nor is this program available for commercial property.
Real Estate Natural Disaster Application (PDF)