Children's Services Fund Board


The Board of Directors will oversee revenues and administrate funds from the Children’s Services Fund. The fund will support social service agencies that help youths in need 19 years old and younger.


  • The County Executive appoints this nine-member board. There is at least one member from each of the six County Legislative districts on the board.
  • Members must be Jackson County residents and hold no other County office.

The funds raised within Jackson County will stay in Jackson County. They’ll go to support programs and services that will benefit tens of thousands of children who are homeless, experiencing domestic violence, in foster care or suffering from abuse and neglect.

According to the Children’s Services Fund Coalition, investing in these services ultimately saves money. For every $1 invested in prevention, an estimated $11 is saved that would have been spent on substance abuse treatment, lost wages and criminal justice system costs. 

Seven other counties in Missouri have passed a sales tax initiative establishing a Children’s Services Fund, and the funds are supporting an array of services that are making a positive impact, including reducing child abuse and neglect, helping families regain housing and stability, and other positive outcomes enabling children and youth to become productive members of their community.

For more information on the Children's Services Fund of Jackson County please visit their dedicated website at

Board of Directors

Member Term Expires
Judy Morgan March 31, 2025
Amy Moore Harris March 31, 2024
Brian Kaberline March 31, 2024
Ann Mesle March 31, 2025
Dr. Jovanna Rohs March 31, 2023
Ajia Mignon Morris March 31, 2024 
Jessica Ramirez March 31, 2025