Public Administrator


The guiding principles of the Jackson County, Missouri Public Administrator’s Office (PAO) when acting as professional fiduciary and advocate are to act ethically and in our clients’ best interests and benefit, to foster autonomy, justice, and integrity, and do so in a manner worthy of the public trust. We strive to satisfy the core principles of public service:

  • Service – we seek no favor and focus all our efforts on serving our clients
  • Trust – we will build trust through transparency and honesty
  • Equity – we embrace our work with impartiality and fairness 
  • Stewardship – we strive for the well being of the larger organization by operating in service, rather than in control, of those around us.

Authority & Obligations

The Public Administrator is a Charter Officer of Jackson County, Missouri and is appointed by the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. Public administrators are subject to the directions contained in Section 473.730 et seq., RSMo., and also the Missouri Probate Code and Missouri law generally. 

The clients we serve may have medical or psychiatric needs, be mentally ill, cognitively or developmentally disabled, or be frail and elderly. The Public Administrator is currently appointed to almost 1,200 estates and serves approximately 950 incapacitated or disabled persons. 

Depending on the particular Court appointment, the Public Administrator’s Office provides guardianship services to those persons it is appointed to and takes charge of the person of the ward and provides for the ward's care, treatment, habilitation, education, support and maintenance. The Public Administrator and staff are available on a 24 hour basis to provide consent for emergency medical procedures. 

When appointed as conservator, we will protect, preserve and manage the estate, apply it as provided by law, account for it faithfully, and perform all other duties required of the conservator by law. He also serves as conservator for minor’s estates, personal representative for decedent estates, and trustees for trust. On average, we process over 5,000 transactions each month and guide the investment and management of over $12.5 Million in cash assets. The Public Administrator’s Office does not provide direct services like housing, medical care, funding, or legal services.

The Public Administrator’s Office routinely collaborates with medical professionals and social service providers and Mr. Killian is a member of the Missouri Bar, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the National Guardianship Association.