In 2021, the Jackson County Executive recommended to the County Legislature to develop an arts outreach effort for Jackson County. The Legislature approved $250,000 in the 2021 budget for the creation of an Arts Strategic Plan and to begin allocating funds directly to small arts agencies throughout the County.  $77,000 was granted to artists and agencies from that first allocation. The FY 2022 allocation of $250,000 is to wrap up the strategic planning process, conduct an asset mapping process to identify all of the artists and arts infrastructure in the County, and to increase the grant funds to approximately $150,000.   The 2022 report and funding allocation will be completed and presented to the Legislature in March or April of 2023.  Eventually as the base analysis and planning work is completed, the overwhelming majority of the $250,000 will be allocated directly to small arts agencies and artists operating or based in disadvantaged communities.

Arts KC Report 2021 – 2023(PDF, 6MB)

Arts KC County Impact Funding Report(PDF, 88KB)