Who Are My County Legislators?

Each Jackson Countian lives in two County Legislative districts — an individual district and an at-large district. You can use this Legislative Map Application that the Jackson Geographic Information Systems division has developed to determine in which County Legislative districts you live.

(The slideshow below provides instructions for using this application.)

When voting for County Legislators, you vote for one from your individual district, as well as one from each of the at-large districts. That means every Jackson County citizen has two direct representatives on the nine-member County Legislature — the Legislators from their individual district and at-large district — but that they vote for four Legislators in total: their individual district and at-large district representatives, as well as the other two at-large Legislators. 

While all county voters will vote for the three at-large districts, to serve as the first, second or third at-large district County Legislator you must reside within the boundaries of that at-large district.


Use the Jackson County
Legislative Maps Application
to find out who represents you
on the County Legislature
Who represents you in the 
Missouri State Legislature?







Step 1

Search by address and press enter or click on the magnifying glass icon.


Step 2

After the "Search result" box pops up, you will need to click on the map in the area immediately outside this pop-up box.


Step 3

After you click on the map (Step 2), the "Search result" box will be replaced by a new pop-up that you will show in which Legislative districts you live and who are the Legislators for each of the dis