Plan Commission


To provide for the preparation, adoption, amendment, extension or carrying out of a County plan.


  • The County Executive appoints the nine-member commission.
  • At least four members must be residents of the unincorporated area of Jackson County.


 Unincorporated Term Expires
 Roger Lake  Yes Dec. 31, 2023
Larry J. Antey
 No Dec. 31, 2024
William W. Tarpley
 No Dec. 31, 2024
Terry Akins
 Yes Dec. 31, 2025
Jack Crawford
 Yes Dec. 31, 2023
Ronald Hilliard  No Dec. 31, 2023
Denise Ryerkerk  No Dec. 31, 2023
Andrew E. Johnson  Yes Dec. 31. 2025
William D. Farrar  No Dec. 31, 2025