Finance & Purchasing

Finance & Purchasing Department units can be reached as follows:

The Jackson County Finance Department is essentially the keeper of the County's books, paying the bills and seeking bids for contracts.



The Department maintains general and secondary ledgers to record the financial position of the County's 40 different funds. It also handles the payroll for all County employees and processes more than 18,000 payments annually for other County expenditures.

Furthermore, Finance calculates, prepares and distributes more than $915 million in tax dollars to more than 40 jurisdictions annually and prepares the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.



The Purchasing Division of the Department procures goods and services for County Departments as outlined in Chapter 10 of the Jackson County Code.


Court Purchasing

Call 816-881-3375 for Court Purchasing, which handles procurement activities for the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Jackson County.