Paying Your Taxes Online

Paying taxes online takes just a few minutes.

It's fast and secure.

Please contact PayIt Customer Support at:
855-798-0608 or if you have questions about the PayIt application or payment process.

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Why stand in line at the Collection office or post office, when you can complete your payment online at anytime?

Get started and go directly to this page or follow these step-by-step instructions.


Check out this short video explaining the process of signing up and using the new online payment app.


You can use 3 options to search for your account:
  • Search by Property Account (Parcel) Number 
  • Search by name - You can search by personal name or by business name 
  • Search by property address




Check out this short video demonstrating how to search for historical property tax receipts using the myJacksonCounty system. It is searchable by name, address or parcel number.

Search Results

The application will list account(s) that match your search criteria.  Scroll through the options and choose the account(s) you wish to see and click on submit.

Click on the blue arrow to see more information on the selected account(s).  If this is correct, select "Yes"; if you need to search for different account(s), select "No" to go back to the search.

Property Account Summary

If the account is paid, you can go to the dashboard to view the previously paid receipts.

If the account has an available bill you can select "Pay Bills" to enter your payment information.


Payments made online will be considered on time if made before the online payment website closes at 11 p.m. on December 31.

Payment Options

There will also be a $2.00 per transaction convenience fee in addition to the processing fees listed below.  All of these fees are third-party merchant fees and are not kept by Jackson County.

Select one of the 2 online payment options:

Step 1.E-Check 

The payment will be processed through your checking account, bank routing number and bank account number will be needed. A $1.25 fee will be added.

Step 2.Credit Card

Visa or MasterCard Debit or Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Credit card payments will require the 3 digit security code located on the back side of your card. A 2.75% fee of the total tax bill will be added.

Submit Payment

This is the final step in the process. Carefully review all of your payment information. You'll have 3 options:

Step 1.Cancel Payment

Step 2.Return To Payment Info

Step 3.Submit Payment

When you click "Submit Payment," you can then print a receipt and complete your online transaction.

Printing Receipts

All Official Receipts are public record and can be accessed through PayIt. To view the official receipt as a Guest: 

Step 1.Click Link Account and Pay Property Tax.

Step 2.Selection search criteria.

Step 3.Enter the required information for your selection.

Step 4.Choose a property.

Step 5.Click Submit.

Step 6.When the linked parcel is displayed, click I’m Done.

Step 7.From the Dashboard, select the account you want a receipt for.

Step 8.The Billing History is displayed.

Step 9.Select the year for which you need an official receipt.

Step 10.Scroll to the bottom of the page to Receipts.

Step 11.Click on the Receipt Number you wish to view/print.

Step 12.This is your Official Receipt.  Click the printer icon in the upper right to print.