Recording Requirements

Office Locations

When preparing a document for submission, please be aware of the following guidelines.



"Walk-In" documents may be submitted in-person at our Independence Recording office only:

Historic Truman Courthouse
Recorder of Deeds Department
112 W Lexington
Suite 30
Independence, MO 64050
Phone: 816-881-4483

Mail or Online

"Mail-In" and "E-Recorded" documents should be forwarded to our Independence office. To expedite the return of a document it is recommended that a postage-paid envelope be included with the submission.

When preparing a document for submission to the Recorder of Deeds Department please follow the following listed state-required formatting and privacy requirements for document submissions.


  • Missouri Revised Statute 59.310
    • Letter-size (8-1/2 inches by 11 inches)
    • White or light-colored
    • 20-pound weight without watermarks or other visible inclusions
    • One or more pages printed on 1 side (no continuous forms)


  • First Page: 3 inches of vertical space from left to right for recorder's use and minimum 0.75-inch margins on all sides and bottom
  • Additional Pages: Minimum 0.75-inch margins on top, bottom and sides

Print or Type Size

No smaller than 8 point.


No attachment stapled or otherwise affixed to any page except as necessary to evidence compliance with statutory requirements (firmly attached label with bar code or return address is acceptable). Examples of these are certifications of mailing and publication notices.


No permanent binding (may staple document together for presentation or recording).


Document must be sufficiently legible to produce a clear and legible reproduction.


All signatures shall be in black or dark ink, capable of legible reproduction and shall have the corresponding name typed, printed or stamped underneath the signature.

First Page Information

Every document containing any of the items listed in this subsection that is presented for recording, except plats and surveys, shall have such information on the first page below the 3-inch horizontal margin:

  • Title of document
  • Date of the document
  • All Grantors names indicated as grantor(s)
  • All Grantees names indicated as grantee(s)
  • Any statutory addresses
  • The legal description of the property

Reference book and pages for statutory requirements, if applicable.

If there is not sufficient room on the first page for all of the information required by this subsection, the page reference within the document where the information is set out shall be clearly stated on the first page.

Redacting Personal Information

View important information on the redaction of personal details and information.