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Telephone searches are not conducted. A records search can be conducted online or by visiting or sending a request to the Recorder of Deeds Office. Records prior to 1964 are not yet online and can be accessed in only two ways: by coming to one of Recorder Office. The data for real estate recordings from January 1, 1961, to the present is available at the office and online.

Please Note

A Department representative's function is to aide you in your search. State law prohibits employees from making assessments or judgments pertaining to the current status of a property title. They are unable to discern whether or not there are encumbrances of any sort, including liens, mortgages and foreclosures, on a piece of land. However, they may still assist you in your search through our public access terminals, and you may purchase copies of any documents you find.

Copy Services

Copy services are provided upon payment of statutory fees. Your requests can be sent to the office in Independence, and they should include the information requested along with your return address. Please indicate the name and phone number of someone to contact in the event that our Copy Desk has a question.