Road and Right of Way Maintenance

For road and right of way concerns contact 816-847-7050. 

Jackson County Public Works maintains more than 425 miles of road in the unincorporated area of the County. That's just a few miles less than the distance from Jackson County to St. Louis and back. And every year, we evaluate each one of these county roads and give it a score to determine its condition. These scores and available funds are then used to determine the annual road maintenance program that takes place from approximately May to October.

Asphalt roads and chip sealed roads are bid out and subsequently done by private contractors.

Road Surface Types

Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt is a mixture of oil, sand and aggregate that is heated before it is applied to the surface. It sets up as it cools. In unincorporated Jackson County, an asphalt surface is used on higher traffic roads and in neighborhood developments.

Chip Seal

Chip seal is a process where small chips are rolled out over a waterproof oil-based binder. The result is a surface that closely resembles asphalt; it is also smoother and less dusty than a gravel road.

Check to see which roads are on the list for repairs this year:
2021-Road-Program.pdf(PDF, 182KB)

Right of Way Clearing 

Roadside Vegetation:

Roadsides should be mowed four times annually to ensure clear line of sight and so regulatory signs can be seen based on MUTCD standards. Herbicides are also used to maintain roadside vegetation. Trees that cause a risk to the public are removed typically by contractor. This contract is handled by the Road & Bridge Administration.

Roadside Ditches:

One of the purposes of a roadway drainage ditch is to prevent unsafe accumulations of rainwater on the roadway surface. An open ditch allows water to move fully away from a road surface. An open ditch also continuously intercepts rainwater flowing toward the roadway from adjacent land.