Snow Operations

For snow removal concerns contact Snow Removal Dispatch at 816-847-7050. 

Snow season is the period commencing with the first snowfall until the last snowfall or freeze, typically snow season is November 1 through March 31. 

The Jackson County Department of Public Works, Road and Bridge Division is responsible for maintaining the roadways within unincorporated Jackson County, Missouri. As part of its mission, the Division conducts snow and ice control operations during snow and ice events.

The Jackson County Snow and Ice Control Plan is designed to provide emergency guidelines to maximize the efficient use of personnel, equipment, and material during a snow and ice event, provide access for emergency vehicles and keep traffic moving at a near normal pace. In addition, the plan also sets service levels and establishes routes based on roadway classification, traffic patterns, and type of duration of predicted storms. 

Geographic Divisions

Jackson County is divided into two regions - north and south - with I-70 being the dividing line between them. The two regions are divided into districts. Districts north of I-70 are designated by an N prefix and those south of I-70 are designated with an S prefix. There are six districts in the north and five districts in the south.

Boundary Marker Maps

Weather Preparation

Jackson County Road & Bridge Division begins to prepare for snow season during the summer when they have salt and sand delivered and stockpiled. After Labor Day they begin to prepare snow equipment v-boxes and snowplows. Trucks are outfitted with snow equipment and checked out to ensure they will be ready for the season.

Jackson County Road and Bridge Division contracts with a local private weather forecasting company. They are sent forecast twice daily. Once the Division is alerted to a pending winter weather event they begin to prepare by outfitting trucks with v-boxes and plows. Associates are notified and given a start time to report for snow duty. Division associates are divided into two 12-hour shifts until the roads have all been plowed and deicing materials spread.

These are the guidelines followed by Jackson County Public Works crews that will be working in your area:

  • Operators will be regularly assigned to the same truck and area.
  • Operators check their equipment often (every 1.5 hours and/or with every load).
  • They keep regular routes, consistently starting and ending at designated points.
  • They always plow to the right.
  • They are instructed to provide adequate coverage on all high-priority roads.

Class A Roads

Plowing operations on Class A roads are repeated continuously for the duration of the storm until the road surface and shoulders are cleared. Those roads are as follows:

  • Atherton
  • Blue Mills
  • Buckner-Tarsney
  • Colbern
  • Dillingham
  • Duncan
  • Langsford
  • Liggett
  • Milton-thompson
  • Old 40 Highway
  • Pink Hill
  • R.D. Mize
  • Twyman
  • Woods Chapel

Class B Roads

Class B Roads are major collectors, minor roads, and local or subdivision roads.

Stranded Motorists

Public Works drivers are not allowed to give rides to or tow citizens. If the situation is critical, they may stay with a motorist until help arrives. They will also check for injuries and damage and contact someone, if necessary.