Recorder of Deeds

Jackson County accepts electronic signatures and notarization through the E Recording process. With the implementation of the Governor’s Executive Order 20-08, Jackson County will now accept electronic signatures and notarization through the mail process as well. If you need legal assistance about how to complete the electronic notarization process, please seek legal advice from your real estate attorney. 

 We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this difficult period for our nation. We wish the best for you and your families. 

You can obtain a certified copy of your deed for just $2 or $3 by clicking on our copy services link below.

COVID-19 Update

The following Recorder Office protocols will be implemented on May 18th, 2020:

The Recorders Office located in Kansas City (Jackson County Courthouse at 415 E. 12th Street) shall remain temporarily closed to the public.

Marriage License, Copy Desk, and Recording Services will only be available at the Independence Historic Truman Courthouse.
If you are wanting to do business with the recorder of deeds you don’t need to wait in the tax line, enter the south door and ask for Recorder of Deeds. In an effort to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, public visitors to that building will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing of at least six feet. 

Any other contact or business must be done by phone at 816-881-3191.

Important Note: Due to limitations of ten customers in this section of the building at all times, customers are strongly encouraged to submit original documents by regular mail, FedEx, UPS, or electronically (E-Recording Account) to avoid long wait times.

Customers needing Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses should request copies by regular mail. The request should include:

  • Names utilized at the time of the marriage license application.
  • Date of the marriage
  • Current mailing address
  • Telephone number you can be reached if necessary. 

A $10.00 personal check or money order, made payable to the Recorder of Deeds Department, should be included. Certified Copies will be mailed the same day the request is received or the next morning.

Submit documents or requests by mail to:
Jackson County Truman Courthouse
Recorder of Deeds Office
112 W. Lexington
Suite 30
Independence, MO 64050

We thank you for your interest and hope you find this site beneficial for your needs. Following is a brief history of our American land system legacy along with a current overview of our statutory responsibilities.

Brief History

The United States history of the “Recorder of Deeds” office dates back to America’s first colonies and greatly expanded during the westward movement. Remember the “gold rush” days when young families ran to their local “Claims Office” to exchange gold or silver for cash?  Well those same families ran to their local federal land office and the Recorder of Deeds to officially stake-out their property rights.   Today, one-hundred and fifty years later, the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds is proud to serve a new generation of Americans with similar hopes and dreams.  Contrary to other countries where, even today, land ownership is often controlled or limited by government, today’s American land system fulfills the life-long dream of President Thomas Jefferson whereby all Americans can own their own piece of land. Today that dream continues with every new recording of a land purchase or transfer of property.

Current Responsibilities

Document Recording: Your “Recorder of Deeds Department” records almost 100 various types of documents.  Although most deal with land transactions such as  Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases and Liens, everything from “Affidavits” to “Wills” are also recorded and placed in the “public record” to serve “notice” of an action that has taken place.  Missouri is categorized as “notice state” whereby a later buyer who pays fair value for a property and does not have notice there were any other earlier conflicting interests will have priority over any later recordings.

Marriage Licenses: Besides document recordings, the Recorder of Deeds Department is responsible for the issuance of Missouri Marriage Licenses.  Of the 45,000 licenses issued across the State of Missouri, over 6,300 couples -- approximately one of every seven -- come to Jackson County to obtain their license.

For more information on obtaining a Marriage License click here.

Copy/Archival Services: The Recorder of Deeds Department maintains land, recorded documents, Marriage Licenses and other Executive, Legislative and Judicial Records dating back to the beginning of Jackson County in 1826. Paper, digital and microfilm records are preserved for timely access and retrieval at our recording offices.