The Assessment Department is primarily responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in Jackson County.

Within Jackson County, there are approximately 296,000 real property accounts; 310,000 individual personal property accounts and 25,000 business personal property accounts. All personal property accounts are reassessed annually through declaration forms, reviews and audits. Real property is reassessed every odd-numbered year —2015, 2017, etc.

The result of this process is to set the assessed valuation of property in Jackson County. Such assessed valuation and levies set by Jackson County and other tax authorities, like cities and school districts, are used to calculate the property taxes that fund those taxing authorities. 

Natural Disaster

In the event of a Natural Disaster like the weather damage that occurred in areas of Jackson County on March 7, 2017, some homeowners who have had their homes seriously damaged or destroyed may be eligible for a Removal of Residential Dwelling Value from Assessment of Real Estate.


If this recent weather event has damaged your home to the extent that it cannot currently be occupied, as a homeowner, you can petition to have the value of your home reduced or removed, beginning on April 1, 2017 and until such time as the home can be safely reoccupied. Simply complete this FORM and return it to the address within.


To qualify for this assistance the home must be un-inhabitable and/or completely destroyed. The program is not available to you if your home has been damaged but is still in livable condition nor is this program available for commercial property.

Natural Disaster Abatement

Real Property

Real property (more commonly referred to as real estate) includes residential property, commercial property and agricultural property.

Personal Property

Personal property includes individual personal property and business personal property.

State Statute Dictates How Vehicle Values Are Assessed

In accordance with Missouri law, the Jackson County Assessment Department uses National Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA) guidelines to assess vehicle property values. 

Online Searches

Assessment data is available for viewing via our Online Searches.  Some real estate sales data is also available online.