Pay My Property Taxes

Ready to pay your property taxes now? Search and pay below or go to one of the tabs to get more information. 

To save time and avoid crowds, online payments are encouraged.

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Step 1.Getting started

You'll need at least one of the following documents or information to look up and pay your account:

  • Property Tax Bill(s): Your property account number is in the upper left corner of your bill. This is the most direct method of searching our database to find your account.

  • Property Account name(s): Taxpayer or Business Name. 

  • Property Address(es): Street Number and Street Name.

If you have trouble locating your account(s) online, contact Customer Service at or 816-881-3232.

Step 2.Decide your payment option 

  • E-Check: The payment is made using the bank routing number and your bank account number (listed on the bottom of your check book). A $2.00 convenience fee per transaction plus $1.25 processing fee for eCheck will be added. Jackson County does not profit from these charges.
  • Credit / Debit Cards: The County accepts all major credit cards. Card payments require the 3 digit security code on the back of your card. There is a 2.75% fee charged by a third-party bank for a credit/debit card online payment. Jackson County doesn't receive this fee.

Step 3.Payment timeline

Online payments will be on time if made before the online payment website closes at 11:40 p.m. on December 31.

*NOTE: Taxes paid online after the website reopens in the New Year will accrue interest, penalties, and fees. 

Search and pay here

In Person

Step 1.Getting started

You'll need at least one of the following documents or information to have your account looked up or to pay with a cashier:

  • Property Tax Bill 
  • Account name(s) – Taxpayer or Business: please tell the clerk if there are multiple owner names, or any previous, maiden, or middle names 
  • Address(es): please tell clerk if there are any possible previous addresses

Step 2.Decide your payment option 

We accept the following options:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Cashier's check
  • Bank draft
  • Money orders
  • Debit / credit cards (The county accepts all major credit cards)

There are transaction fees charged by the payment company. Jackson County doesn't receive any of these fees.

Debit Card:

Amount  Fee
$0 - $66.00                  $1.00
$66.01 + 1.50%


Credit Card:

Amount Fee
$0 - $50.00 $1.25
$50.01 - $75.00 $1.75
$75.01 - $100.00        $2.15
$100.01 +  2.15%

Step 3.Visit our office and pay

Jackson County has 2 locations you may visit:

Jackson County Courthouse
Collection Department

415 East 12th Street
Suite 100
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Historic Truman Courthouse
112 W Lexington Ave
Suite 114
Independence, Missouri 64050

Step 4.Schedule your visit with the Collection Department

Step 5.Payment timeline

Both courthouses are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by Jackson County. On December 31, a drop box for property tax payments will be located at the west door of the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City (415 E 12th Street) and at the front door of the Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence (112 W Lexington). Both drop boxes will close at midnight. Do not place cash in either drop box.


Personal checks, cashier's checks, bank draft and money orders are accepted by mail. Please do not send cash through the mail. One check may be written for multiple bills of personal property and real estate, if the total of the bills are added correctly and account numbers are indicated. Mailed payments must be postmarked no later than December 31. 

Payments postmarked after that date will accrue interest, penalties and fees.


We cannot process payments on the telephone. Please pay online, mail payment, or visit one of our offices. Use the instructions on the ONLINE and IN PERSON tabs to be sure you have the necessary paperwork or information before you start an online transaction or come in to our offices.

Contact Customer Service phone bank at 816-881-3232 to answer questions about your property account(s), provide you with amount due and mail out applications for the Senior Quad Payment Program. 

Important Information

Please remember that at times, the parcel number for a real estate parcel changes, due to a segregation or merge of properties. In such cases, a search of the new parcel number may not reflect tax delinquency or a full tax history. You may do one of two things:

  • Contact us at 816-881-3232 to get that information, or:
  • Search all relevant parcel numbers of parcels in the segregation or merge. Click here to see if a parcel was involved in a segregation or merge within the past five years and to see a list of parent parcel(s) and child parcel(s) involved.

*NOTE: Information about a segregation or merge that occurred more than five years prior is not available on this website.