What is GIS and How is it Used?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an information system that allows for mapping, querying, modeling and analyzing of data based on location. For a more in depth explanation you can visit the Esri website.

How GIS Is Being Used at Jackson County

GIS is a valuable tool to nearly every department in Jackson County. Below is just a sample of the departments utilizing GIS:


Assessment uses GIS to locate real property parcels for appraisal functions including but not limited to the valuation of newly platted parcels, split or combined parcels, new construction, additions, remodeled properties, properties damaged by natural disaster and for reassessment purposes.


Collections utilizes GIS when posting properties for sale due to unpaid back taxes, confirming demolished structures and verifying the correct classification of properties. GIS created an online website where you could search for delinquent tax parcels that were being sold by the county.


COMBAT uses GIS to analyze crime trends throughout the County, providing an invaluable information resource to the public and to law enforcement agencies in the County.

Public Works

Public Works uses GIS to maintain zoning, flood and infrastructure information. Additionally, Public Works uses Mobile GIS to locate and inspect assets such as culverts, guardrails, and roads.

Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation uses GIS and Mobile GIS, similarly to Public Works, to locate and inspect assets. GIS helped Parks and Recreation with their 911 signage throughout the County, which was a part of the Mid-America Regional Council's Kansas City Regional Trail Safety Initiative.