Current Projects

Mobile GIS

The GIS Department is working with several departments to create mobile mapping applications for internal projects, such as asset management. Public Works and Parks + Rec incorporate mobile GIS as part of their daily workflow.

Additionally, other departments, namely Collections and Assessment, are utilizing mobile date collection to streamline special projects.  

Web Maps

The GIS Department is working hard to bring the public and County departments more web mapping applications. New web mapping applications have been added to the Interactive Maps Site


The GIS Department wants customers to be able to get the information they need when they need it. To accommodate this, the GIS Department is adding more information to their website and applications, as well as working towards deploying an Open Data Portal.

In the interim, an "Extract Data Task" widget (left panel) has been added to the ParcelViewer, which allows the end-user to download Tax Parcels based upon an area of interest drawn on the map.

You can also download and print large-format maps from the Geographic Information Systems main page.