Public Works preparing for winter weather

Published on November 22, 2021


As temperatures drop and fall turns to winter the crew at Jackson County’s Road and Bridge Division makes final preparations for snow and ice removal.

According to Road and Bridge Administrator Jim Evans, preparation for the winter season starts in July and August by receiving salt and sand for the roads. Repairs are made to the snowplow equipment right after Labor Day.

“We mount the snow equipment to the trucks early to make sure everything is ready to go,” he said.

Assistant Road and Bridge Administrator Matt Willier said the department’s 15 trucks have been outfitted with plows and spreaders and will go through a final inspection this week in preparation for bad weather.

Snow season is the period starting with the first snowfall until the last snowfall or freeze, typically snow season is November 1 through March 31. Jackson County contracts with a local private weather forecasting company and receives forecasts twice daily.

“When the weather turns bad, we’re ready,” Evans said.

The Road and Bridge Division of Public Works is responsible for maintaining 425 miles of roadways within unincorporated Jackson County. Throughout the year, Road and Bridge follows a preventative maintenance schedule to prepare for the unpredictable Midwest weather. To prepare for the winter storms crews review the Snow and Ice Control Plan that is designed to provide emergency guidelines to maximize the efficient use of personnel, equipment and materials during a snow and ice event. Performing routine inspections and reviewing emergency plans reduces accidents and provides access for emergency vehicles.

For snow removal concerns contact Snow Removal Dispatch at 816-847-7050.

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