Public Employees Recognition Day Awards

Published on May 06, 2021


Jackson County, Kansas City and the Federal Executive Board joined in honoring public servants during the 28th Annual Public Employees Recognition Day, Wednesday, May 5, 2021, at Bartle Hall.

The county presented 19 associates with awards in 10 categories during the ceremony. County Administrator, Troy Schulte presented the awards along with Chief Administrative Officer Sylvya Stevenson.

County Executive Frank White, Jr. said, “It is an honor to recognize some of Jackson County’s outstanding associates. This past year was a challenging one for our community. Our associates were able to keep the county operating and moving forward. I would like to thank all the loyal dedicated associates of Jackson County for their resourcefulness and willingness to help the citizens of Jackson County.”

“Today we honor those who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to move our county forward into a brighter future,” he said. “Their time and talent are the reason we are making things happen in Jackson County.”

Those awarded by the county were:

  • Erin Hunt – Distinguished Administrative Professional Service Award
  • Andrea Marshel – Distinguished Clerical Service Award
  • Mohammed Abdul Kareem – Distinguished Community Service Award
  • Belinda Bass – Distinguished Leadership Award
  • Merle Horning – Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Oghenetega Onoshirie – Distinguished Military/Military Support Award
  • Christopher Wolfe – Distinguished Public Safety Award
  • Environmental Health Department – Distinguished Team Award
  • Donald Rankins – Distinguished Technical Award
  • Wanda Graham – Distinguished Trade/Craft Service Award