Tina Spallo

Tina Spallo

Name and Title
Tina Spallo, Superintendent of Recreation
Number of years with Jackson County Parks + Rec

  1. Overall responsibilities
    I provide the day to day management of the division, oversee their budgets, project management, full time, and seasonal personnel management. Planning development of programs, special events and capital improvements. Assist each direct report with the attainment of their goals. Grant writing and recruitment of sponsors.


  2. What is your fondest memory working with the Parks Department?

    The NAGAAA (North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance) Softball Tournaments is my proudest moment. The recreation division worked endless hours to make this tournament a success. From field prep to concessions the entire week went so well.  Over 500 games were played on perfectly manicured fields. We received many compliments from the NAGAAA Board, the players, and spectators.  

    I have worked with this group for years on a national basis. When I found out NAGAAA was bringing their national tournament to Jackson County I began the recruitment process by meeting with the Board of Directors. I introduced them to the Frank White Softball Complex, its amenities, and our staff.  

    The opportunity to host a tournament attracting over 5000 participants and fans was very exciting. Showcasing our Jackson County Parks is our number one goal and we certainly attained that during the tournament. It was a total county effort as many individuals from downtown assisted in the success of this tournament.

    I am so proud to be a member of such an incredible team of associates.  

  3. Why is it important for people to get outside and be active while utilizing our parks recreational facilities?
    Escape the monotony of life. Visiting the parks refreshes the soul and gives people the opportunity to appreciate our natural resources and wildlife.


  4. You worked in other parks facilities around the region, what sets Jackson County Parks apart from all other parks?
    Level of customer service is unmatched. The teamwork within our department is without question one of the reasons all of our divisions are successful.