Erica Layton

Erica Layton

Name and title
Erica Layton, Superintendent of Historic Sites
Number of months with Jackson County Parks + Rec
Six months

  1. Overall responsibilities
    I oversee the management of Fort Osage National Historic Landmark, Missouri Town 1855 and the Kemper Outdoor Education Center.


  2. Why did you decide to work with Jackson County Parks + Rec?
    Jackson County Parks + Rec has some of the best opportunities around to serve the community and help make someone’s day better, working with a diverse team of coworkers, overseeing ever-changing projects and new challenges that allow me to grow my professional skill set.


  3. You oversee the historic sites for Jackson County Parks Department, why is it important to educate people about our history?

    Because history is rich and fascinating! History comes down to stories of our past and there is always something new to learn and appreciate about history. Knowing history makes us better informed citizens and teaches us not to repeat the hard lessons and injustices of the past.


  4. List one thing you would tell a new visitor that they must do when visiting Jackson County Parks + Rec.

    There are so many great afternoon day trips it is hard to pick just one, but if I had to pick, I’d suggest families with young children come out to Missouri Town especially this time of year to feed the baby lambs and see the oxen, for other adults Fort Osage offers a beautiful view of the Missouri River and the historic experience of walking where Sacajawea walked and learning about early Missouri history.


  5. Happening right now is Jacomo Day camp where kids can enjoy the outdoors while experiencing the parks department. What can campers expect when taking part in the summer camp?
    Campers can expect to have fun while growing as people and developing their leadership skills. The day camp is designed for campers ages 6-13 to come away with a new sense of respect for the environment. They learn about nature and perhaps most importantly learn to respect nature. They also make new life-long friends and have a ton of fun!