Getting healthy in the new year

Published on January 03, 2022

Getting healthy in the new year

With the start of a new year there is no time like the present to adopt healthier habits that could help you feel better and live longer.

Jackson County Wellness Coordinator Jill Miller offered a few tips to get 2022 started off right:

Keep it positive! - Change “I’m going to diet because I am overweight,” to “I am going to focus on eating healthy, to feel good and have energy.” Replace any negative self-talk with positive phrases to yourself throughout the day.

The Long and Short of It - When setting your goals have both long term and short-term goals. Visualize a staircase, at the top is the ultimate goal, but each step up contains a smaller achievable goal. 

Improve Your Mood - Keep a check on your mental health and pursue self-care opportunities daily. Seek out a friend, family member, coach, therapist etc., to share struggles and provide support.       

Back to Basics - There is a reason that you always hear “get sleep, drink water, exercise, and eat healthy,” because it works.            

Be a Homemade Body - Prepare and prep your meals at home. You can control exactly what and how much goes into each meal.   

Miller also suggested instead of making resolutions you should set a few meaningful goals such as, paying down debt, trying something new, promoting kindness and decluttering your mind as well as the space around you.