Arrowhead Seat Sales

Published on January 16, 2020

Jackson County has collected more than $150,000 from the sale of seats removed from Arrowhead Stadium in the spring of 2019.

About 30,000 seats were replaced with only about 2,500 salvageable for sale. The rest of the seats were too damaged during their removal to be salvaged.

Schneider Industries was contracted to re-purpose, recycle and sell the seats. The sale began in August and as of October 10, 2019, 573 single seats had been sold along with 1,376 double seats. An additional 4,000 seat backs were also sold.

Seats are priced from $277 for a single seat to $509 for a pair of seats with the Arrowhead logo. There are still a few seats available at

The county received 50 percent of net proceeds from the sale totaling $152,082.50. That money will go to update park playground areas providing handicap accessible sidewalks, ramps and borders.

"The timing is great. The team is doing so well. Everybody is excited. We’re excited, as the county, to be able to offer these seats to the fans, to the collectors at such an important time in Chiefs history," said Brian Nowotny, Deputy Director of Operations for Jackson County Parks + Rec.