Board of Equalization Appeals

The Board of Equalization appeal process is converting to an automated online appeal filing system through Jackson County’s website. This is the preferred method for filing a formal Real Estate Property Appeal for the 2023 tax year. If there is a problem with your submission, you will be notified.
Appeals may be filed beginning May 1, 2023, and ending July 10, 2023. No appeal requests will be accepted after July 10, 2023.

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The Board of Equalization takes appeals on Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property for the current year with the purpose of equalizing assessments throughout Jackson County. If you disagree with your property assessment, you have the right to appeal the market value on your assessment to the Jackson County Board of Equalization

To file a Business Personal Property or Individual Personal Property formal appeal:

Please contact:
or 816-881-3309. A separate application must be completed for each parcel of property being appealed.  

Appeal hearings are public and will be scheduled after July 1st and may conclude by the fourth Saturday in August unless extended by the Board.  


Download Property Owners Guide to Valuation Review(PDF, 2MB)


The Board of Equalization will make a determination of the fair market value of your property as of January 1, 2023 at the time of the hearing.  There are limited provisions for extending or continuing your case. If you do not appear at your scheduled BOE hearing, the Board of Equalization will value your property based upon the evidence presented. Please be aware that the County Assessment Department has the right to recommend an increase, decrease or no change to the current market value. The Board of Equalization has the authority to increase, decrease or no change the current market value on all appeals.

Appeals to the Board of Equalization must deal with the question of market value rather than the amount of taxes. Actual taxes due are determined by the taxing authorities and not by the Board of Equalization.  


If any person other than the owner of record will be representing the property and appearing before the Board, a "Letter of Authorization" must be filed with the appeal application. Download form here(PDF, 18KB). If an attorney is representing the owner, an "Entry of Appearance" must be filed with the appeal application. Download form here(PDF, 17KB).
If you complete the agent portion on the application all notifications will be sent to the representative. 

Waiver of Attendance

If an appellant chooses to not appear before the Board, a "Waiver of Attendance" must be filed with the appeal application and any relevant supporting documentation. 

Supporting Documentation

To justify any requested change in market value, supporting documentation may include: appraisals by a certified appraiser (not real estate agents’ opinion), sales contracts and settlement statement of recent sale, written estimates or cost for any improvements made or needed (on foreclosures, rehab properties and new purchased properties). In addition, income and expense statements, rent rolls, leases and depreciation schedules (for the last three years). 

Note: Please redact social security numbers and employer identification numbers.

The Board will not consider evidence presented via electronic device at the scheduled hearing.

The Board of Equalization will not generate copies.



Procedural Meetings & Hearings

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