Food Handler Permits

If you are going to be handling food at any establishment in Jackson County, you are required to have a Food Handler Permit. However, if your food establishment is located in the cities of Kansas City or Independence, you must contact their Health Departments directly for food handler permit.

How to Get A Food Handler Permit

Step 1.Online Certification

Environmental Health is now offering online training/permits for food handlers through TAP Series. This new online service allows people seeking permits to access a website 24/7. Applicants must pass the Safe Food Handling Assessment with a 70% score or higher to qualify to receive a Jackson County Food Handler Permit. Please note: This is the only online food safety course that Jackson County accepts. The service costs $24.95 and must be paid for with a credit or debit card. 



TAP Series is the ONLY online food safety course accepted. 

Step 2.Alternate Classroom Certification

Jackson County Environmental Health offers a classroom option to obtain a Food Handler Permit, cost is $22. Please contact Kerri Moore to sign up:

Step 3.On-site Food Handler Certificate Training

Jackson County Environmental Health will do on-site training for a minimum of 10 people at a cost of $22 per person.