Brian Nowotny

Brian Nowotny

Name and title
Brian Nowotny, Deputy Director of Park Operations
Number of years with Jackson County Parks + Rec

  1. Overall responsibilities

     I oversee and manage all aspects of park operations and maintenance, park safety and security, and park planning, development and construction.

  2. What is your fondest memory working with the Parks Department?

    By far my best memories are working alongside this amazing team to put on our special events and open new facilities. The first event I ever attended was just a few days after I started working for the Department, the 2016 Fourth of July Celebration. It was amazing to see and be a part of this event that thousands of people enjoyed at Longview Lake, complete with children’s activities, fireworks and a live concert from 1980’s rock band, the Romantics. Most recently, the dedication of the second phase of the Rock Island Trail was an instant memory. So many people have worked to make this dream project a reality for ten years or more. To be on the team of dedicated park professionals who made it happen was a true honor.

  3. Why is Jackson County Parks + Rec so important to our community?

    Parks + Rec is foundational to our quality of life. The programs, special events, recreational opportunities, parks, trails, and lakes that we provide are essential to our community’s well-being. At Parks + Rec there is truly something for everyone. We provide opportunities to improve one’s physical and mental health, while we preserve precious greenspace and natural resources for generations to come.

  4. What sets Jackson County Parks apart from all other parks in our region?

    Most definitely the wide variety of recreational, historic, and health and wellness opportunities we provide. Nobody can offer what Jackson County provides in terms of our lakes, marina’s campgrounds, and trails. We have world class facilities and attractions, including the Longview Horse Park, Missouri Town 1855 and the Fort Osage National Historic Site. For trails, we accommodate walkers, hikers, runners, bikers (including mountain bikers), equestrians and back-to-nature lovers. We offer urban parks, suburban trails that connect communities, and regional destination parks that you can spend a day, or a week, enjoying.