Associates awarded during Annual PERD ceremony

Published on May 15, 2023

Jackson County joined Kansas City and the Federal Executive Board in honoring public employees during the 30th Annual Public Employees Recognition Day, Friday, May 12, 2023, at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center.

The county presented awards to 19 associates in 10 categories during the ceremony. County Executive Frank White, Jr., presented the awards along with Chief Administrative Officer Sylvya Stevenson.

According to White, “Teamwork is the most important piece to achieving goals. One person cannot make sure we meet deadlines. One person cannot keep our operations running smoothly. One person cannot ensure we’re healthy and safe. It takes everyone, no matter their role, to come together for a common cause to achieve success.”

“Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Government exists for one purpose – to make things better for all people’,” he said. “She’s absolutely right and I am proud to say that’s exactly what our honorees dedicate their lives to every day.”

“Today, Jackson County stands in appreciation of its Associates and all of this year’s award recipients who are being recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Receive your award with honor, knowing that you have made a positive difference in our community. Congratulations,” White said.

Those awarded by the county were:

  • Sue Akers – Distinguished Administrative Professional Service Award
  • Kay Norris – Distinguished Clerical Service Award
  • Lucas Castilleja – Distinguished Diversity Award
  • Dana Soper – Distinguished Leadership Award
  • Charles DeGroff – Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Oghenetega Onoshirie – Distinguished Military Award
  • Gina Campbell and Victoria Gaughan – Distinguished Public Safety Award
  • Detention Criminal Records Department – Distinguished Team Award
  • Charles Whitteck – Distinguished Technical Award
  • Augustine Okpighe and Blaise Ngamdamoun – Distinguished Valor Award