Ethics, Human Relations & Citizen Complaints

Commission Meetings

The Jackson County Ethics, Human Relations and Citizen Complaints Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month. Commission meetings are open to the public.


The mission of the Office of Ethics, Human Relations and Citizen Complaints (OEHRCC) is to secure and protect individual rights, reconcile problems, improve government administration, assist legislative oversight and enforce ethics provisions.

Investigation & Promotion

The department receives and investigates complaints involving Jackson County government and officials, and acts on such complaints in an equitable and expeditious manner. OEHRCC promotes the protection of civil rights and civil liberties, the improvement of relations between citizens, and between citizens and government.

County Ombudsman

The OEHRCC serves as Jackson County's ombudsman, advocating for the rights of citizens and associates, and investigating complaints of alleged discriminatory acts or unfair practices relating to county government. OEHRCC has specific civil rights and human relations duties and is the only department in Jackson County chartered with these duties.

The OEHRCC has the power to conduct formal investigations and issue reports. The ombudsman/director is an independent public official who receives complaints from aggrieved persons against county departments, agencies and officials.


What is an ombudsman?

An ombudsman is a designated neutral or impartial dispute resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to his/her constituents.

What skills does it take to be an ombudsman?

An effective ombudsman must have:

  • Skills in communicating effectively
  • The ability to work with all segments of the community
  • Knowledge of the policies and procedures by which the government functions
  • The ability to be creative in developing resolutions that are fundamentally fair to all

What does an ombudsman office do?

An ombudsman office provides impartial complaint handling services for citizens and associates who have disputes against government agencies or officials. The office will investigate valid complaints and, if justified, make recommendations to remedy the complaints.

Who can I file a complaint against?

Any citizen can file a complaint against any county officer, department, legislator or employee.

Is there a fee for this service?

The office is available to all citizens without a fee. However, a 10 cents per page fee may be charged for the copying of files or documents.

What can't the office provide? Can the offices get monies owed to me?

The Office of Ethics, Human Relations and Citizen Complaints, cannot by its own authority, revise any administrative or legislative decision, or compel any administrative action.

The OEHRCC cannot recommend or obtain money for citizens. If a citizen is seeking monetary gains, he/she will be directed to the judicial system where such matters are handled. The office does not intervene in criminal or civil court matters.