Michael Curry

Emergency Preparedness
Title: Director
Mike Curry Staff Photo

Level 2 Emergency Manager
Michael Curry, the Jackson County Director of Emergency Preparedness, has earned the Missouri Certified Emergency Manager (MoCEM) Level 2 Certification from the Missouri Emergency Preparedness Association (MEPA). Curry is one of just a handful of Level 2-certified emergency managers in the entire state.

In an outline of its MoCEM program, the Preparedness Association noted that certification "is an indicator of experience, hard work, education and dedication to integrity and creativity. It is also an assurance that an individual is dedicated to the field of emergency management. Obtaining certification as a MoCEM proves you can effectively achieve goals and objectives of comprehensive emergency management in Missouri."

To earn a Level 2 certification an individual must meet several minimum standards, including having at least 3 years of emergency-service experience.

Current Service
Curry currently serves on the regional Public Safety Commission and Regional Homeland Security Council. He co-chairs the Regional Homeland Security Council Task Force, the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee.

Furthermore, he serves an adviser to the Medical Reserve Corp, and is a member of the regional Integrated Warning Team, which coordinates responses and other activities regarding weather-related issues such as excessive-heat and excessive-cold advisories.

In 2009 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon chose Curry to co-chair the state-wide Faith-Based Organization Initiative shelter program.

Previous Service
Curry previously served as the Emergency Supply Director for delivery of emergency pharmaceuticals to the Gulf Coast, Caribbean and Latin America. He was also part of emergency-relief work efforts, both in the United States (in Blanding, Utah and Anchorage, Alaska) and internationally (in Nassau, Bahamas, Curacao Dutch Antilles, Belize and other areas of Central America).

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