Jackson County Emergency Rental Assistance Program




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Jackson County is partnering with Community Services League and United Way of Greater Kansas City to provide emergency rental assistance to individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program Funds Committed as of July 29

As of the end of July, Community Services League reported that the fund had paid bills for 1,228 renter households totaling $4,840,623, which was an 8.2% increase in the number of applications paid compared to the previous week’s report. The average renter household is receiving assistance totaling $3,942. In addition, United Way reported that $207,628 in rent and $18,554 in utilities for Jackson County court cases have been disbursed. Total rent and utilities paid is $5,066,805 for 1,266 renter households. United Way and CSL are actively working with two Case Managers dedicated to court cases.

Currently, 877 applications are actively working towards payment. Applying the average of $3,942 per application, the program has encumbered $3,457,024 for those applications.

Remaining Funds to be Allocated and Next Steps

The total encumbered rent/utility funds to date are $9,673,829 or 84.1% of Jackson County’s allocation of funds (figure includes allowed 10% for administrative cost). This leaves approximately $1,900,000 in rent/utility funds, enough to process 480 more applications. At the current pace of 25-35 applications/day, Jackson County's rent/utility assistance fund should be committed to recipients around August 15, 2021.

Community Services League has contacted over 500 landlords directly to inform them that they are working with their tenants, and requested that they give their tenants time to settle their debts before beginning the eviction process. The organization is also contacting all applicants to inform their landlord that an application is pending. Jackson County is proud of the work that the Emergency Rental Assistance partnership has produced with Community Services League and United Way of Greater Kansas City, and remains committed to helping residents and landlords stay housed and whole during this unprecedented time.

County Executive Frank White Jr.'s Message re: the Emergency Rental Assistance Program