Plat Procedures

Plat Procedures

Step 1.Approval

Plats must be approved by appropriate city/county planning departments.

Step 2.Plats are Reviewed

Plats are reviewed by the GIS Department located in the Jackson County Tech Center.(PDF, 855KB) GIS primarily checks: ownership, duplicate plat names, and legal descriptions. If a plat meets all requirements, allow for up to four hours for it to be reviewed.

Download complete plat requirements.(PDF, 42KB)

Step 3.If Rejected

A list of rejections will be returned with the plat. Please have the plat corrected and resubmitted to GIS.

Step 4.Upon plat approval tax certificates are issued.

The plat and certificates need to be taken to the Jackson County Collection's department at either the Downtown Kansas City Courthouse or the Independence Courthouse Annex.

Step 5.Once a tax clearance has been issued from Collections

Once a tax clearance has been issued from Collections, the plat can be recorded at the Jackson County Recorder's office at either the Downtown Kansas City Courthouse(PDF, 1MB) or the Independence Courthouse Annex.(PDF, 900KB)

Step 6.Once the plat has been recorded

GIS updates the county parcel records and the interactive map website with the plat information. For all official tax purposes any document recorded after January 1, becomes valid for the following tax year.