GIS updates Parcel Viewer

Published on March 03, 2020

Major updates are coming soon for the county’s Parcel Viewer online mapping application.

According to Rich Buford, GIS Program Manager, the application allows citizens to view their property information online. “The reason it is being updated is because it is not very intuitive and it is kind of complex for the basic user. So we are creating a more intuitive streamlined version of it.”

There were several layers of information that were not being used and were kind of confusing to the common users so those layers were removed. That information is still available for county staff to use.

“We are meshing layers of information together and getting rid of unimportant information and then we also wanted to make sure that the update process is an enterprise solution. An enterprise solution is one data set and then multiple things can look at that data set and view it,” Buford said.

He said another of the issues that will be improved is the viewing of photos.

“Assessment goes out and collects thousands of pictures when they do a reassessment and none of those images were showing up. When people were going online the images that were showing up were from 2005 instead of the new photos that the Assessment Department was looking at. So there was a disconnect between what assessment was seeing and what was available on the Parcel Viewer. We now are linking directly to their photos. So any photo of a property will show up.”

The update of the viewer parcel information will also update within a few minutes instead of days or sometimes months. Property report information will draw directly from Ascend so it won’t have to be input separately.

Maps will include information on property valuation, ownership, photos, elected officials and school districts.

“We are trying to consolidate things in an enterprise solution so when the BOE appeals happen there is a button to be able to appeal right there. Also, if a citizen wanted to pay their taxes there will be a link to pay your taxes,” Buford said. “Ninety percent of the data is dynamic so as it changes it will also change on the site automatically.”

There will be a Parcel View Plus with more functionality for internal staff. In the future the Parcel Viewer Plus might also be developed for use by title companies and others user who need more information.

“That might come with a subscription as an option for external users because there are a lot of companies that use that and that would help pay for upgrades. That part of the project is still six to eight months out,” he said.

The updated application is scheduled to be released March 6 to the general public.