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What was purchased from Union Pacific?
Jackson County purchased 17.7 miles of the Rock Island Railroad Corridor running from the Truman Sports Complex to southeastern Lee’s Summit for $50.1 million. Included in the purchase was the land itself, the value of having a contiguous corridor (immeasurable, difficult to assemble in any other way) and Union Pacific railroad rights on the corridor. The county purchased the corridor and rights in their entirety, meaning the corridor is still protected by federal laws as a railroad.

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1. What was purchased from Union Pacific?
2. Who will manage the property?
3. How will the purchase be paid for?
4. What are the next steps along the corridor?
5. When will a path be started / completed?
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7. Will the shared use path connect to the Katy Trail?
8. What type of mass transit will follow?
9. When will mass transit be completed?