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Why do I owe the entire bill even though I only lived in the house for a few months?
The new owner/buyer has the responsibility for paying the total tax bill by December 31.

Generally, taxes are prorated between the buyer and seller. If this is being done, a proportionate amount of the estimated tax amount is credited to the buyer at the time of sale based on the number of months/days the seller owned the property during the tax year. If the buyer receives extra money at closing or loan settlement, it is recommended the buyer verify if those funds are for the payment of future taxes.

Generally, no money is paid to the Collector for taxes at the time of sale. However, a closing company as part of the sales transaction may pay any taxes currently due if known. You will have real estate property taxes to pay each year you own the property.

Taxes are levied annually and due upon receipt. After December 31, interest, penalties and fees will apply.

A tax bill may be generated in the previous owner's (seller's) name and mailed to their mailing address unless the purchaser advises the Jackson County Assessor's office of the change in property ownership and mailing address. If you do not receive a real estate tax bill from the Jackson County Collector by December 10, contact the Collector's office.

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