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Posted on: April 11, 2019

Associate of the Month: February 2019



Thanks to the initiative of Eric Rabe, the Assessment Department was able to quickly get up and running during the recent closure of the courthouse in Kansas City.

Eric worked with the IT Department to ensure the department was able to assist taxpayers. During the two weeks in February, while associates were  temporarily  displaced  and  working  from  the  Historic  Truman  Courthouse  in  Independence, adjusting to make-shift, cramped quarters and unfamiliar work areas, Eric was the “go to” person for making sure that associates were up and ready to assist taxpayers.

He worked tirelessly to see that everyone in Residential and Commercial units had everything necessary to continue on with their duties. He set up work stations, worked to ensure that associates had the work equipment needed and the IT connection required and he interceded on behalf of the department to communicate their needs to the IT Department when their intervention was needed.

According to Assessment Director Gail McCann Beatty, “When the water main broke and we all moved to Independence, Eric immediately stepped in to make sure that not only Assessment was up and running as quickly as possible, he was also there for other department that needed assistance. He quickly noted that IT had its hands full and at some point I believe many of the associates assumed that he actually worked for IT. He took action whether it was running down to pick up equipment or setting up temporary work stations for everyone. He made our time there very bearable.”

Without Eric it would have taken much longer before the department was able to become productive. Since it was a crucial time in the reassessment process, not being productive could have been a major catastrophe. Eric went above and beyond making sure that everyone was connected to the network and had the tools that they needed to get the job done. Likewise, he devised a plan and oversaw the move of everything back downtown. During the water main break and move to and from Independence he also continued his work on our reassessment project.

Eric joined the Jackson County Assessment Department in June of 2018 as a Research Analyst. He was assigned to work in the Assessment Systems Administration office after just three months on the job. While there he has continued to excel at the IPP (Individual Personal Property) duties that he was initially trained to do. Eric has also excelled at learning systems processes and is quickly becoming an exceptional and dependable backup to our Systems Administrator.

He has recently been designated by the Director of Assessment to be the department’s lead contact person with the IT/GIS Department in regard to all GIS issues for Assessment. Within the first week of being assigned this task, Eric contributed significantly to producing maps that were very useful, relevant and timely; helping the Commercial Appraisal unit continue its task of completing a successful 2019 reassessment process.

While helping to train new Research Analysts and other Assessment staff, Eric has continued to carry on IPP duties to the extent that he is the sole reason behind the 2019 personal property schedule being fully completed and available in the system as early as January 1, 2019. In the past it has taken until as late as May or June for others to complete this task. Some departmental automation has helped this process but it was primarily Eric who set this atypical goal and completed this significant project in such a short period of time just five months after he started working for Jackson County.

Eric regularly trouble shoots problems in many areas of Assessment including taking specific calls from taxpayers to resolve or explain an issue; as well as IT- type issues with a particular program or piece of hardware. It seldom matters whether the issue is within his own department or an issue that needs to be addressed with IT, Eric is always willing and able to dive in and help resolve the issue effectively and efficiently.

“In the short time that I have been here at the county, Eric has always been the person who has a smile on his face and a friendly greeting. He sees the cup half full rather than half empty. He never complains, but always offers solutions,” McCann Beatty said.

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