Monument To Freedom, Justice and Courage Recognition Criteria


The Jackson County Freedom Wall Commission seeks to recognize outstanding individuals who have demonstrated, either currently or in the past, exceptional leadership qualities in their ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life in the urban community.  Those whose work significantly impacts the African American community in Jackson County, Missouri.   Some emphasis will be given to those whose work has impacted the area from 12th Street to 27th Street North to South and Benton Blvd. to Troost Ave. East to West.  These boundaries are used to emphasize the area where African Americans historically lived in Jackson County.  Nominees can be living or honored posthumously.

Individuals will be considered who possess one or more of the qualities listed below:

  • Portray a positive attitude and project hope for individuals and the forward movement of the African American community
  • Have a commitment to the values of justice and caring
  • Willingly take risks
  • Articulate a positive sense of direction for individuals and/or the community

Criteria for Nomination

Individuals nominated for this recognition will have demonstrated several of the following examples of exceptional community leadership and service:

  • Demonstrate a passion to serve others
  • Create opportunities for engagement and/or involvement
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Exhibit particular tenacity or energy in pursuing equality for the African American community
  • Demonstrate creative initiative in progressing equality and welfare of the community
  • Develop awareness of equality/welfare in others (i.e. through positive role modeling, through teaching & learning initiatives or curriculum development)
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the quality of life of vulnerable individuals
  • Collaborate, communicate or cooperate to enable or enhance welfare or equality provisions
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership skills with external partners/agencies/organizations to strengthen the engagement with county, city, and/or state, to forge active collaborations and alliances to enhance the well-being of the African American community
  • Have influence in the development and mentoring of future leaders (youth & young adults) in the community or involvement in professional or community  leadership development experiences
  • Have influence in the community in terms of environmental, cultural, social, financial, and personal sustainability practices and principles
  • Make significant accomplishments in and efforts toward promoting the principles of diversity within the greater community
  • Motivate and inspire the people around them to accomplish more than they would have normally
  • Create a compelling vision for the future and help others understand their role in achieving it
  • Create opportunities and provide the tools, information and resources when working towards achievement of projects that benefit the African American community
  • Take prompt and decisive action to resolve community issues that effectively benefit the African American community directly or indirectly
  • Set a high standard of integrity by leading by example and maintaining high personal standards

Nomination Subject Areas

  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Business
  • Civil Rights/Activism
  • Community Organizing/Engagement
  • Education
  • Faith/Religion
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Law/Criminal Justice
  • Media
  • Mentoring
  • Neighborhood Leadership
  • Politics
  • Social Engagement
  • Sports

This list of subject areas is not exclusive and is meant to be helpful when thinking about potential nominees.

Nomination Selection & Procedures

Each year through 2028, the names of 100 individuals will be added to the Freedom Honor Wall as directed by the Commission. Nominees not selected can be reconsidered for the next year’s honoree cycle.

Based on submitted nominations, all nominees will be evaluated by the Commission on the quality of their leadership and community experience and the extent to which they have made meaningful contributions to the development, growth and sustainability of the African American community as defined in the eligibility requirements.

The more information provided about the nominee the better, as this information is key in considering them for this recognition.  When nominating an individual, be sure to include a thorough description of his or her contributions to the community, including all of their achievements. The nomination packet will include the following:

  • A nominator is required to provide a bio (typed, not handwritten) along with a full description (in 1000 words or less) of the accomplishment(s) of their nominee. Explain why he/she believes the individual should be considered for the recognition. What impact has the nominee’s accomplishment had on them or the community?
  • The nominator should ensure the nomination package is as complete as possible. Nominators are asked to assess the contribution of a nominee against the criteria set forth by the Commission. The nomination form and prescribed supporting documentation (bio) should make the full case for the nominee. The nominator will not have a further opportunity to submit additional information nor make the case for a nominee after the deadline.
  • Nominators will be required to submit the nomination form and supporting documentation in one packet or uploaded as one document.

Make A Nomination

MonumentThe Monument surrounds the statue of Leon M. Jordan in the Kansas City park that bears his name.

Submission Information

Nominations will not be considered:

  • if received after the closing date;
  • if the nomination form is not used or is incomplete;
  • if the supportive documentation is not submitted with the nomination form

The deadline for receipt of nomination form with supporting documentation is 4:30PM CST, July 31, 2019.  

Please submit the nomination packet via regular mail to: Kay Jenkins, Second District Legislative Aide, Jackson County Courthouse, 415 E. 12th Street - 2nd Floor, KCMO 64106, or complete the 2019 Monument to Freedom, Justice and Courage Nomination form online