Associate of the Month: January 2018


Even after 38 years of service, Cheryl Langford continually exceeds expectations in performing her duties as Taxpayer Services Administrator.

According to Collections Department Administrator Karey Schulze, Cheryl is always willing to come in early, stay late, take a shortened lunch and fill in at any work station, all in the name of “getting it done.” She goes beyond just getting it done, Schulze said. “It is done timely, consistently and accurately.”

Cheryl started with Jackson County as a seasonal clerk in November of 1979 and has worked her way up until reaching her current position in 2004, the position from which she is retiring on February 16.

She leads by example which has earned her the respect of not just her own staff but the entire department, Schulze said. “Her truly sincere compassion has never wavered after all of these years. Her warm, positive attitude, smile and definitely her laughter are pervasive even during the heaviest of heavy times, during the billing season. She helps to keep the morale of the department up and going and is felt by each of the many thousands of taxpayers that she and her staff come in contact with. Cheryl’s unique sparkle will be missed after her retirement.”

Over the years Cheryl has been praised many times for her dedication, hard work and warm personality. “Her flexibility, determination, & the ability to continually ‘reinvent’ herself has allowed her to roll with the changes that she has encountered both personally and professionally. These are the details that our taxpayers appreciate and comment on,” Schulze said.

She is also great at organizing fundraisers for Jackson County, especially in-office garage sales to raise money for United Way. Whenever Cheryl asks for assistance in fundraising, everyone willingly responds. She is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two. She loves children and parties, especially her own birthday party. She is also very involved with her Church and its activities.

Chief Administrative Officer Ed Stoll said Cheryl was being honored not only as Associate of the Month but also for her 38 plus years of excellent service.  “She has performed exceptionally well throughout her career and we are very appreciative of her being here with us.”


County Executive Frank White, Jr., presents Cheryl Langford the Associate of the Month for January 2018.