Associate of the Month: December 2017


The compassion and leadership of Correction’s Lieutenant Jeremiah Schroeder helped relieve a little emotional anguish for the family of a terminally ill inmate.

According to Captain Christopher Wolfe, Schroeder used outside the box thinking to help coordinate hospital visitation for the family of an inmate who was on life support at Truman Medical Center. The inmate was in his mid-fifties and suffering from septic blood poisoning. The illness had been sudden and unexpected.

jeremiah_schroeder“He connected with the family, worked with their schedules to plan visitation times and did so in a manner that ensured security needs were met and demonstrated compassion for the family’s very sad situation,” Wolfe said.

At the time the inmate was taken to the hospital he had been estranged from his family for some time. After he was admitted to TMC, the hospital contacted his family who then contacted the jail.

“Lt. Schroeder took that call,” Acting Director of Corrections, Diana Turner said. “He jumped into action, kept everyone informed and made sure that this family was able to visit at the hospital with their loved one in what turned out to be the last five days of his life. He made sure that they got to visit every day for half an hour. He made sure that there was security in the hospital and that it happened in a safe manner and without incident.”

Wolfe said, “The added support for this inmate and his family at the end of his life demonstrated our commitment to show respect and dignity and was a great example of our professionalism to the family and the hospital personnel.”

“The family was tremendously grateful. That was a compassionate, respectful, dignified and outside the box kind of thinking and I was blown away by it and I thought it was amazing. I know that we have a grateful family out there because of the actions of Lt. Schroeder and I thought it was exceptional and we are really, really proud of him,” Turner said.

Schroeder started with the Corrections Department five years ago while working on his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at UMKC. He was referred by a friend who worked for the department. “It was kind of out of the realm of what I was going to school for but I started working here and it was really interesting. I didn’t plan on staying very long but it has been five years now.” He has also been in the Army Reserve for the past three years.