Associate of the Month: October 2017

Those County Associates who are feeling healthier these days owe a debt of gratitude to Wellness Coordinator Jill Miller. Jill is the mastermind behind the Living Smarter Wellness Programs.


Human Resources Director Dennis Dumovich said, “Her ‘above and beyond’ work ethic sets an example for other staff and helps inspire the kind of excellence we seek. Her diligence and self-motivation and her focus on wellness are a source of motivation for the HR team as well as all of our other associates that she comes in contact with. Her dedication to health and wellness is obvious to anybody she interacts with.”

Some of the new initiatives that Jill has created in the two years since she started here are spring and fall Fitness classes. “She takes her own time out to teach these free classes to associates and I do want to emphasize the word free,” Dumovich said. “All of our associates are able to go up twice a week, when weather is permitting to the Illus Davis Park and she leads us in a workout and it is just a great opportunity for all of us to get in shape.”

She has also initiated the Weight Watchers at Work program. As a whole Jackson County has lost over a thousand pounds through this program. She developed it with Weight Watchers, who offers the county a significant discount. In addition to the discount, the Wellness program provides a 50 percent discount to county associates. “So not only from a dollars perspective it is great but it is a great opportunity for our associates,” he said.

Jill is instrumental in supporting various annual wellness programs, including flu shots, benefits open enrollment and wellness screenings. She most recently sought out and coordinated September’s Mobile Mammogram Bus project, which was a huge success that gave all county associates an opportunity to receive a complete mammogram at no cost.

“She has initiated many wellness challenges, online challenges, healthy cooking classes and many other opportunities for us as associates to lose weight and to get into shape and even start eating right,” Dumovich said.jill_yoga

She is working on two major projects for this year and the beginning of next year, one involving Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the other one involving HCA Hospital that we are going to find will ultimately lead to a tremendous benefit for all associates.

 “Jill comes to work with a fantastic attitude and willing disposition. Her efforts represent an outstanding accomplishment and a significant benefit to Human Resources and the County as a whole,” Dumovich said.