Associate of the Month

County Executive Frank White, Jr. and Fritz ZieglerA young boy, a fishing hook and a frantic dad was all it took to turn Fritz Ziegler into one family’s hero for the day.

It was a recent afternoon when two fathers took their young sons for a fishing trip on Longview Lake. While enjoying the day out on a pontoon boat one of the boys, an 11-year-old, somehow got a hook lodged in his forehead and no one on the boat was able to remove it. In search of help the group headed to the marina. By the time they made it to the marina the boy was hysterical. That is when Fitz leaped into action calming down the concerned dad and soothing the young boy.

Fritz asked the father where he was parked, it was a ways up the parking lot. “Go get your car to take the boy to the ER and I’ll keep him here until you pull up at the gate,” he said.

He then calmed the boy by telling him fish stories and assuring him he would be fine.

The father later called Longview Marina to thank Marina Administrator David Bass for having Fritz on staff and to personally thank Fritz.

“Fritz went beyond in customer service, beyond in controlling a bad situation and beyond expectations calming the young man and preparing him mentally for his upcoming trip to the ER. The young man’s dad was so thankful for all Fritz did,” Bass said.

Fritz has been with Longview Marina for more than eight years and Assistant Manager for five years.

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