Jackson County Parks + Rec Improvements

In addition to the new bike share station at Longview Trail, approximately one mile of the trail’s surface at the south end of the trail around O’Donnell Park has been repaved. The improvement was made possible by a grant received from the federal government called a Federal Land Access Program (FLAP) Grant. The project was planned and managed by Jackson County Parks + Rec’s Landscape Architect Bruce Wilke.

The project involved putting in 10 ft wide concrete paving in the place of the trail’s gravel. The benefit of this improvement is that in the event of flooding, like we’ve recently experienced, the concrete will dry up and the trail will be reopen in a matter of days. The gravel trails take weeks to be rebuilt from the damage of floods. By having the concrete trails, it will save thousands of dollars for the maintenance department over the life of the trail.

“Our goal is to eventually be able to continue paving the Longview Lake Trail for the entire length of it. That was a great collaborative project we had with MODOT and the Federal Highway Administration to receive that grant,” said Deputy Director of Park Operations Brian Nowotny.

Trail Upgrade
New Jacomo Facility

Lake Jacomo also received a new campground restroom facility that will open over Labor Day Weekend. The new facility replaces a 40-year-old one that was out of date and not accessible. The new facility has four family style bays so that families can shower and get ready in the morning.

“It’s extremely family friendly, especially for campers with little ones,” said Nowotny.

The facility will also serve as an emergency storm shelter, something that Jackson County Parks + Rec is pleased to be able to provide for campers so that there is a safe place to go during inclement weather and severe storms.

The project was funded by County Executive Frank White, Jr. and the County Legislature in this year’s Jackson County Parks + Rec budget.

“It is something that we are very happy to be able to bring online and be able to upgrade the facilities for our campers,” said Nowotny.

These improvements provide more reasons to bring your family out and “Make Your Day Here” at Jackson County Parks + Rec.