Appeal Application Downloads

This application is used to file a formal appeal to the Jackson County Board of Equalization for the 2018 tax year. The appeal application and relevant supporting documentation shall be filed to the Board of Equalization on or before the third Monday in June.

The Board of Equalization appeal filing deadline is June 18, 2018.

Appeal hearings are public and will be scheduled after July 1, 2018 and may conclude by August 24, 2018. The Board’s policy is to hear cases on the date originally scheduled. If you do not appear for your scheduled hearing, the Board may hear the case and value your property based on the evidence presented

Please be aware that the County Assessment Department has the right to recommend an increase, decrease or no change to the current market value. The Board of Equalization has the authority to increase, decrease or no change the current market value on all appeals.    

Valuation appeals to the Board of Equalization must deal with the question of market value rather than the amount of taxes. Actual taxes due are determined by taxing authorities and not by the Board of Equalization.  

Please read and carefully follow the instructions on the appeal application. If the appeal application is filed incomplete, it may delay your appeal hearing.  


If any person other than the owner of record will be representing the property and appearing before the Board, a Letter of Authorization must be filed. If an Attorney is representing the owner of record, an Entry of Appearance must be filed. If the agent portion on the application is completed all notifications will be mailed to the representative. Notifications will be mailed by postcard of the scheduled date, time, and location of your hearing. Such forms may be obtained at the Kansas City Courthouse or the Historic Truman Courthouse or by calling the Board of Equalization’s office at (816) 881-3309.

In order to justify any requested change in market value, it is best to submit formal appraisals or sales contracts, which are the most persuasive evidence.  Supporting documentation may also include data such as: comparable sales, recent appraisal (by certified appraisal), income and expense operating statements for a three (3) year period, rent roll or leases, depreciation schedules and closing statements of recent sale.  The Board may also take into consideration the cost to cure items of deferred maintenance, current photos of condition (interior and exterior) and  written estimate of repairs from a legitimate contractor (on foreclosures, rehabbed and new purchased properties). All relevant supporting documentation filed with the appeal becomes a permanent record of the Board.

Any supporting documentation shall be submitted with the appeal application at the time of filing.  Failure to comply may result in your hearing being rescheduled.
To request a copy of the authorization forms to be mailed to you by calling (816) 881-3309 or obtain them in person by visiting the following offices: 

Jackson County Courthouse Board of Equalization
415 E 12th Street • Room 102 • Kansas City, MO 64106

Historic Truman Courthouse Assessment Department
112 W Lexington • Suite 145 • Independence, MO 64050