Constructing Futures Changes Lives Of Two Local Families


There were lots of smiles and more than a few tears shed when Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr., surprised two deserving Kansas City families who have endured life challenges with new homes at the Ivanhoe Community Center in Kansas City this morning.

The homes were awarded as part of the Constructing Futures program, which Jackson County started in 2009. To date, a total of nine homes have been gifted to local families in need of housing.

While both families had applied to Constructing Futures, they were surprised to learn they had been gifted with the houses. County Executive White made the announcement by pointing to each family and exclaiming, “You get a house!”
The families were given the keys to their new homes and then, following the media conference, were taken to their new homes for the first time. Both homes are located in the Ivanhoe neighborhood.


ABOVE: Watch the Holman and Lyles families explore their new homes.
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The first home visited was gifted to Dyon Holman and her 8-year old son Derrion. Holman, who is working toward earning her certified nursing assistant license, said she had always wanted to own a home and provide a safe environment for her son. 

The second home was awarded to Oscar Lyles, who will be living there with his partner Jasmine Fluker, their infant son Kai and Oscar’s 15-year-old brother Robert. Oscar, who grew up in foster care, took guardianship of his younger brother to prevent him from also spending his childhood in foster care.

When making the announcement, County Executive White said, “This young family has gone through experiences that have given them adult responsibilities at an early age. They are ready to take the next step into home ownership.” 

Constructing Futures is an innovative program that addresses three key issues: 1) homelessness, 2) the plight vacant houses can be on a neighborhood and 3) the need to provide individuals an opportunity to acquire marketable job skills. 

When completed, houses remodeled through Constructing Futures are presented to families who’ve struggled with being homeless. From the program’s start seven years ago, clients from Connections To Success have done the work necessary to transform each long-neglected abandoned house back into a home ready for a family. 

Connections To Success provides training and other support services to individuals who are unemployed, underemployed or seeking to secure steady employment after being incarcerated.

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