Proud Of The History Made

Crystal Williams Proud Of What County Achieved During Her Tenure As The First County Legislative Chairwoman


Crystal Williams proudly made history as Jackson County’s first female Legislative Chair during 2016. Williams, who represents the 2nd District At-Large, begins 2017 with a feeling of accomplishment.

“The first thing we had to do in January was accomplish a peaceful transition of power, after the elected county executive resigned. The Legislature appointed Legislator Frank White, Jr. as acting executive and appointed Garry Baker as his successor on the Legislature,” says Williams, “I’m very pleased about how well we worked together to make this happen.”

'Life-Saving' County Legislation

Williams is extremely proud of her work in 2016 to establish a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program for Jackson County, an issue she worked on as a health care advocate on the state level. 

“Since the Missouri General Assembly hasn’t been willing to  pass life-saving legislation, it has been left up to the counties to help address the opioid crisis,” says Williams. “Especially since Missouri is the only state in the union without a statewide database.” 

The prescription drug database, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2017, is Jackson County's local attempt to limit the abuse of opioid medications in the state. 

Williams expects the county will only need to run the database for a year or two, until the state finally establishes its own. Jackson County’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is in partnership with other counties from the eastern and central part of the state.

“Crystal’s passion and energy for doing the right things is really making a difference in our community,” says County Executive White. “I look forward to working with her going forward.”

Children's Services Fund Approved

Williams was also instrumental in working with her Legislative colleagues and the County Executive’s administration to help lower the health care costs of county associates, and in placing the successful Jackson County Children’s Service Fund on the November ballot. The fund will generate more than $15 million per year to help children and youth experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.

Williams is chairing the County Legislature's Health and Environment Committee this year, in addition to also serving on the Budget and Intergovernmental Committees. Her priorities include addressing the issues surrounding the county jail and continuing to advocate for further budget transparency.

Williams was first elected to the County Legislature in 2010, then re-elected in 2014. 

Since becoming a County Legislator, Williams has focused on the responsiveness of county services and budget issues. She has sponsored legislation to address budget transparency, to ensure fairness in county parks and housing for LGBTQ constituents, and to limit the proliferation of predatory lending businesses. Furthermore, she has helped lead the county's development of a Minority- and Women-Owned Business contracting policy.

Previously, Williams has chaired the County Legislature's Budget, Health and Environment, and Intergovermental Affairs Committees. She served as the Legislative Vice Chairwoman in 2015.

Legisaltive Chairwoman

'An Amazing Vice Chair'

Crystal Williams (right) and Theresa Galvin served, respectively, as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Jackson County Legislature in 2016. Williams made history as the county's first-ever Legislative Chairwoman.

When their tenures as Chair and Vice Chair ended with the first Legislative meeting of 2017, Williams called Galvin "an amazing Vice Chair."

"Theresa is very detail-oriented," Williams said. "She is very much focused on making sure we do our best and most efficient work for the people of Jackson County."