Vehicle Tax

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Jackson County collects a small sales tax on cars and boats purchased out of state.

On November 8th, 2016, Jackson County voters will vote on whether to renew the County vehicle use tax.  Prior to this election, Jackson County had taxed vehicles purchased out of state in the form of a sales tax.  The Missouri Supreme Court ruled this practice unconstitutional because the Missouri General Assembly did not intend for the motor vehicle tax to be levied on motor vehicles purchased out of state.  In response, Governor Nixon signed legislation eliminating use tax on motor vehicles and replaced it with a sales tax.  The law also required localities that had not previously approved a use tax to hold a vote to decide whether or not to continue the use tax.
The renewal of this use tax will have serious financial consequences for both Jackson County and Missouri as a whole.  
The Department of Revenue estimates that if the tax loophole is not fixed, the state will lose $7.3 billion in automobile sales.  Jackson County is facing an estimated first year loss of $3.6 million if the sales tax is not renewed.  In addition to Jackson County automobile dealerships losing revenue, high-paying jobs such as ongoing car maintenance and other related jobs could leave the state.

A "NO" vote means you want Jackson County to keep collecting this revenue that supports county services.