Jackson County Animal Welfare Committee

Members Term Expires
Cindy Marshall Sept. 30, 2019
Francis L. Spearman Sept. 30, 2019


The committee is charged with, among other things:

  • Promoting spay and neuter programs for household pets
  • Supporting educational programs that promote the welfare and safety of animals
  • Hearing complaints regarding abuse or cruelty to animals, when in the committee's opinion, such complaints have not been satisfactorily address by any applicable enforcement or animal welfare agency
  • Investigating charges of unethical treatment of animals.


  • Jackson County and the City of Independence form the committee.
  • The committee is comprised of five members serving two-year terms.
  • The Jackson County Executive appoints two members and Independence Mayor three members.
  • The committee shall meet as often as it determines is necessary, but no less often than twice per year.