Helping the Homeless

Accurately determining how many homeless people are in the Greater Kansas City area is not easy. The Homeless Services Coalition of Greater Kansas City conducts "Point in Time" surveys each year. On January 26, 2011, the survey revealed that there were 1,880 homeless people in Jackson County alone.

A Public-Private Partnership
Jackson County Constructing Futures' success has been made possible due to the partnerships that Jackson County has forged with several nonprofit organizations and businesses. Particularly important is the relationship we've built with Connections to Success, our partner and non-profit fiscal agent for the Jackson County Constructing Futures program.

The program has also attracted many volunteers and received donations for appliances, as well as building materials from many generous businesses and organizations throughout the community.
Jacqueline (left) and Symone Scott (right) receive a hug after setting foot in their new home
Brad Lambert, Executive Director of Connections to Success, led a volunteer work crew to provide the