Trigen Energy Savings Project

Trigen Partnership
Jackson County has also led the charge on the Trigen Energy Savings Project. Jackson County contracted with Trigen Energy Corp. to provide chilled water in 4 County buildings. Jackson County's contract is part of a larger inter-governmental contract, which saves taxpayer money, is more environmentally friendly, and makes cents.

The environmental impact has been quite substantial. Trigen's Chilled Water requires 19% less energy to produce than conventional on-site generation of chilled water.

Energy Savings for the County
The Jail, Jail Annex, Courthouse and Community Justice Center have used a combined 7,295,432 ton hours of chilled water since 1998. The total energy saved by using Trigen is equivalent to about 89,806 MMBtu's. That is about the same as 4,083 tons of coal, which is what the electricity for the chillers would have been made from. This amount of coal would have resulted in the emission of over 122 tons of SOx into the atmosphere. We also estimate that the buildings cooling towers would have consumed in excess of 29 million gallons of water over this same time period.

Since 1998, the County has saved $231,797 on cooling energy, or approximately $28,000 per year. This does not take into account an estimated $2,000,000 in avoided capital costs for chiller maintenance, nor any of the foregone operating costs which can be difficult to quantify.