Clean Out Your Files Day

Thinking Green, Being Green!
For the past 7 years, Jackson County government has led the way on some cutting edge environmental projects. In 2001, Jackson County led a metropolitan-wide event to Clean Out Your Files. The 1-day project brought together 26 agencies from both sides of the state line, involving over 55 facilities, and 9,000 employees. Employees were challenged to clean out their files and recycle what they could. The administration had set a goal of 50 tons in 1 day. By the end of that day, over 126 tons of paper products were recycled. 11 tons of non-paper products, which were recycled, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The metro-wide event was declared as "the best in the nation" by the United States Conference of Mayors, the organizing agency of the Clean Out Your Files Day campaign.
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County Executive Mike Sanders Pitches in to Help Recycle
County Executive Mike Sanders pitches in during clean out your files day at the Jackson County Courthouse.