Road Maintenance

Jackson County Public Works maintains more than 425 miles of road in the unincorporated area of the County. That's just a few miles less than the distance from Jackson County to St. Louis and back. And every year, we evaluate each one of these county roads and give it a score to determine its condition. These scores and available funds are then used to determine the annual road maintenance program that takes place from approximately May to October.

Most roads in the unincorporated part of the county are chip sealed. This is a process where small rock chips are compressed or rolled onto an oil-based product. The end result looks similar to asphalt but is less expensive to do and allows more roads to be improved. A few roads do get asphalt paving. These are usually higher traffic roads or roads that go through housing developments.

Asphalt roads and some chip sealed roads are bid out and subsequently done by private contractors. Jackson County Road and Bridge does the rest of the roads with in-house personnel and equipment.